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Tricia Hendren Itasca Consulting Group




As editor of Itasca's software manuals, Ms. Hendren maintains a high level of consistency and accuracy both within each manual, and across the entire range of manuals for Itasca’s codes.


About Itasca Consulting Group, Inc.


Itasca is a global, employee-owned, engineering consulting and software firm, working primarily with the geomechanics, hydrogeological and microseismics communities. We solve problems in many industries including mining, civil engineering, oil & gas, manufacturing and power generation.


Itasca Consulting Group  /  111 Third Avenue South, Suite 450  /  Minneapolis, MN 55401

Phone: (612) 371-4711  /  Fax: (612) 371-4717  /  Email: ICG@ITASCACG.COM

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